5th Annual Digital Signage Investor Conference, New York City 6 October 2010

Asia Media’s CEO Dato’ Ricky Wong has been invited to speak at the above event in New York this coming October.

International Outlook: Opportunities, Growth Drivers and Realities
Opportunities in outdoor media and digital networks have also emerged in markets across the globe. Join this session to hear about the business challenges and successes in other parts of the world.

  • Local market trends and growth drivers
  • Advertiser receptivity and support of space
  • Business models for success
  • Determine where the next big deals are and plan accordingly

Why are discussions on business models, metrics, M&A, etc important right now?  Are there any trends/drivers/changes in marketplace?

Trends: The integration of digital signage with social media to create a ‘three-way’ dialogue between advertisers, network operators and viewers. The fusion of ‘new media’ and OOH creates a new and innovative pathway for advertisers to reach consumers.

What should investors care about the digital signage/digital OOH (out-of-home) space?

The convergence of media and technology may be ‘old news’ but ‘mediamorphosis’ and the constant evolution of media consumption continue to present significant profit opportunities for companies who successfully exploit the ‘disruptive’ nature of this business. The forwards, backwards, and lateral integration of media companies is changing the landscape of the industry – and with change comes great opportunities.

What do you hope to share with your peers at the event?

  1. The opportunities for growth in the DOOH sector in South East Asia and other emerging markets.
  2. The benefits of using social media to supplement DOOH.

What are you looking forward to at the event?

Networking opportunities and insights gleaned directly from industry leaders who have front row seats to where the industry is heading will prove invaluable.

See you all in the Big Apple!

Digital Signage Investor Conference PDF Brochure

About this Summit:

This is the definitive event for digital signage investment. We are building on the success of our past events and will once again bring together media executives, investors, analysts, advisors and companies in the space. Our speakers and attendees are very senior, typically CEO, president, chairman, founder, managing director, etc.

Topics we are covering this year include business models, financing, M&A, advertising forecasts and agency adoption, measurement, mobile and social integration and more. Our speed networking session will also be back by popular demand.

Our elite line up of speakers in the past have included:

  • Beth Ann Kaminkow, President & COO, TracyLocke
  • Donna Speciale, President of Investment and Activation, MediaVest USA
  • Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO & President, Neo Advertising Group (Switzerland)
  • Andy Querin, President & COO, ZOOM Media (Canada)
  • Virginia Cargill, former President, CBS Outernet
  • Rob Gorrie, President, Adcentricity
  • Suzanne LaForgia, President, DPAA/OVAB
  • Matthew Stoudt, CEO, Outcast
  • Bruce Failing, Partner, Alerion Partners
  • Duane McKnight, Senior Partner, Syncom Venture Funds
  • David Carlick, Managing Director, Vantage Point Venture Partners
  • Michael Hudes, former Global Director of Digital Media, Clear Channel
  • Lon Otremba, CEO, Access 360 Media
  • Mark Wienkes, Analyst, Goldman Sachs
  • Ana Stewart, CEO, i-design Group (UK)
  • Tom Blaisdell, General Partner, DCM

This year’s speaker lineup includes:

  • Connie Garrido, CEO, Posterscope USA
  • Linda Brennan, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, InStore Insights
  • Jill Nickerson, VP, Director of OOH, Horizon Media
  • Garry McGuire, CEO, RMG Networks
  • David Ingraham, VP, M/C Venture
  • Joe Covey, CEO, Interactivation (recently purchased NBC’s Patient and Newborn channel networks)
  • Matthew Stoudt, CEO, Outcast
  • Phil Cohen, President & CEO, CARE media Holdings Corp
  • Alan High, President, Clear Channel Malls
  • Bruce Failing, Partner, Alerion Partners
  • Gadi Tiroshi, General Partner, JVP (Israel)
  • Dan Olschwang, President & CEO, Jumptap (mobile advertising)
  • Rich Cooley, President & CEO, Visser Digital Media
  • Kelly Moulton, Partner, Fabian Invest & VP Marketing, never.no (Norway)


~ by David Wong on May 24, 2010.

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